Products authorised by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA)

The Danish Food and Veterinary Administration authorises disinfectants and teat disinfectants under product type 3 (PT3) and product type 4 (PT4).

The national authorisation scheme

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administratrion authorises certain veterinary hygiene products within product type 3 (PT3) and disinfectants used in the food and feed area within product type 4 (PT4). These disinfectants are regulated in the Danish Order No. 8 of 3. January 2023 on approval of disinfectants etc. used in food establishments etc. The products can be combination products with both cleaning and disinfecting effect.

The products are approved based on an assessment of the efficacy towards microorganisms at the specified concentration of use. The authorisation is also based on a toxicological evaluation in order to ensure that use of the product does not lead to risk of hazardous residues in food stuff.

The products must not be placed on the market in Denmark before an authorisation has been granted by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The authorisation of a desinfection product can include either a biocidal effect or a fungicidal effect, or both bactericidal and fungicidal effect. A teat disinfectant can be authorised for use either prior to milking, after milking or both prior to and after milking. 

Requirements for active substances

Different active substances can be used for different product types. The active substance used must be approved for the specific product type. ​

In order to get a product authorisation by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration the active substances in the product must be included in the EU reassessment program for the relevant product type. 

If all active substances in the product are assessed and approved by ECHA the application for product authorisation shall be forwarded to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. The Danish Environmental Protection Agency can be contacted for support about the authorisation scheme under the Biocidal Products Directive.

The list of active substances listed in Annex I of the Biocidal Products Directive can be found in an electronic EU-list of active substances. The list contains substances that are approved according to the Biocidal Products Directive and the Biocidal Products Regulation.

The ​DVFA does not approve the following disinfectants under PT3 and PT4:
  • Products in product type 3 for hoof baths
  • Products in product type 4 for disinfection of materials and surfaces associated with animal housing facilities
  • Products for human hygiene, e.g. handdisinfection products
  • Products for disinfecting drinking water to humans and animals
  • ​Products to be used to disinfect equipment and containers coming into contact with water intended for human consumption

Please contact the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for guidance on these products..

Disinfection in food establishments by use of UV light does not require authorisation. 

UV disinfection machines used for disinfection of drinking water is not a biocidal product if the mechanism is purely physical. The UV radiation destroys the DNA in vira and bacteria and thus their ability to reproduce Such machines can also be used in the food industry, e.g. for disinfection of surfaces that come into contact with food.


Machines and technologies producing ozone or free radicals in-situ for disinfection are considered as biocidal products under the scope of the Biocidal Products Regulation.

The use of in-situ generated ozone or free radicals in food businesses shall be authorised by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration until the deadline set by ECHA for application for authoisation of products containing these active substances. After this deadline applications for authorisation will be handled by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and ECHA.

Contact the DVFA

Inquiries about disinfectants and teat disinfectants can be adressed to

List of active substances

On ECHA's webpage you can find
The EU-list of active substances