Corrosion inhibitors for steam boilers

Substances that reduce corrosion in steam boilers shall be authorised by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration if the substances are added to steam or liquid that has direct food contact .

The requirement is set out in § 4 in Danish Order No. 8 of 3. January 2023 on authorisation of disinfectants etc. in certain food establishements etc. 

The application process lasts up to 5-6 months and is free of charge. 

The use of the authorised substances shall be in accordance with the restrictions and specifications set out in the authorisation. 

You can find  information about authorised corrosion suppressants on the positive list of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration provided on this page.

The following substances must not be used:

• Boric acid and sodim tetraborate (borax)

• Colorants 

Food additives (E numbers) may be used. The purity of the substances shall comply with the purity criteria cf. Regulation 231/2012 regarding specifications for food additives. Corrosion inhibitors that contribute to a content of food additives (E numbers) shall be labelled with a quantitative designation of the content so that the food manufacturer can ensure compliance with the rules for food additives. Corrosion inhibitors in the form of food additives must not be transferred to the food in concentrations exceeding the limits for the fodd additive, and the labelling shall comply with the rules for additives. 

Apply for authorisation

Application form for authorisation of corrosion suppressants 

Apply for authorisation at (in Danish)

Apply for authorisation (English pdf)