Food Contact Materials

Food contact materials must not release substances to food in quantities that can be harmful to health. Producers and importers of food contact materials must ensure and document that their food contact materials comply with this and other legislative requirements.

Legislation on food contact materials (FCM)

Most legal requirements for food contact materials are harmonised within the EU.

Additionally, Denmark has national legislation on:

  • A ban on the marketing of paper and board FCM in which per- and polyfluorinated alkylated substances have been used
  • Migration of lead and cadmium from glass and other ceramic products besides ceramic, including requirements for migration from the mouth rim
  • Positive list of surface biocides for plastic FCM
  • The declaration of compliance, which is required for all types of food contact materials

Informative translation of the order on FCM 
In any case of misinterpretation between the translated version and the Danish version, the Danish version has legal force.

Fact sheet on the Danish FCM rules on fluorinated substances in paper and board

Food safety management system and documentation

Producers and importers of food contact materials must provide a declaration of compliance for their food contact materials together with additional supporting information on their food safety management system including e.g. migration test results.

Nordic check-list food contact materials

The food safety management system in food contact material establishments must be in accordance with the requirements in EU regulation 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Registration of producers, importers and wholesalers of FCM

Producers, importers and wholesalers of food contact materials must be registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, which carry out inspections of all food contact material establishments.

Information on food control and veterinary inspection

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