• Rules

    Travelling with pet animals?

    The rules for travelling with pet animals.

  • PFAS

    PFAS in food, feed and animals

    Read more about the fact that PFAS can be found in foodstuffs if they are produced in a polluted area. 

What's going on?

Animal diseases

Avian flu

Information about the latest outbreaks of Avian Influenza (bird flu) in Denmark.

New business

Starting a food business

Food companies must register before they start their food activities. Read more about registration and approval. 
Pet animals

Pet animals from Israel and Palestine

Does your pet not meet the requirements for entry? Read how to apply for derogation here.


Authorisation to Work as a Veterinarian in Denmark

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration can issue authorisation to both Danish and foreign veterinarians who want to work as a veterinarian in Denmark.