SSC Nigeria

The Strategic sector cooperation (SSC) entails government to government cooperation, in which the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration functions as the Danish partner authority in different SSC projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

A pre-project was initiated in August 2020 in partnership with the Nigerian Ministry of Agriculture and the Nigerian Food and Drug Administration (under the Ministry of Health).

The pre-project is now completed, and will be entering into Phase I.

The overall objective of the project is a green transformation of Nigeria's livestock production. In this regard, the Nigerian authorities are focused on cattle farming.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration supports Nigeria with topics such as:

  • Feed handling
  • Animal registration
  • Management of animal diseases
  • Use of veterinary medicine and antibiotics
  • Risk-based management of food safety and traceability.

These topics are part of Nigeria’s political ambitions to transform their livestock sector towards a more efficient and greener direction.