SSC Indonesia

The Strategic sector cooperation (SSC) entails government to government cooperation, in which the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration functions as the Danish partner authority in different SSC projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In the spring of 2019, the strategic sector cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture in Indonesia started. Denmark has assisted the Indonesian authorities in the work of creating the right framework conditions and capacity building with a focus on organic milk production.

In addition to organic milk production, the project has a major focus on:

• High food safety throughout the value chain

• Improved control within both feed and food

• Improved animal health and welfare.

Overall, this will lead to increase productivity, creating a more sustainable and resource-efficient production for the benefit of animals, people and nature.

In the longer term, it is expected that the establishment of organic dairy production in Indonesia will contribute to better and more climate-friendly agricultural practices, as well as more sustainable agriculture.

From 2024, the cooperation on the organic sector is expected to continue in a new three-year phase, where food loss and food waste will also become a central focus.