SSC Kenya

The Strategic sector cooperation (SSC) entails government to government cooperation, in which the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration functions as the Danish partner authority in different SSC projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The SSC project in Kenya has provided clear guidelines to the Kenyan authorities on the necessity of intergovernmental cooperation between the many central authorities involved in food safety, in order for the Kenyan food and feed control system to be modernized.

The control system is to be based on risk assessments and effective inspection to ensure that the responsibility for food safety lies on the Food Business Operators (FBO).

The agenda is also important for the Danish food cluster, since Danish green solutions, and technology are needed for the FBO’s to comply with the food safety in Kenya.

Quality assurance

In phase II, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has worked on the quality assurance of the national control plan of competent authorities with inspiration from the multi-annual national control plans under the EU framework (MANCP: Multi Annual National Control Plans).

An efficient national control is a prerequisite for identifying the connections in the food system that can be shifted towards the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Food loss reduction

With a new phase III from 2023, more emphasis will be placed on reducing food loss through food safety and quality control, as well as strengthening food, feed, veterinary and plant health control.

High standards of food safety and quality in green value chains, will at the same time, improve the export potential of Kenyan food.