SSC China

The Strategic sector cooperation (SSC) entails government to government cooperation, in which the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration functions as the Danish partner authority in different SSC projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The current phase II of the project is divided into two sub-projects, where the focal point is respectively a track on food safety with the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) as the main partner, and a track on resource efficiency, food loss and food waste in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS).

The agricultural and food cooperation between the countries stems from the Danish-Chinese strategic partnership from 2017, where a joint working program (JWP) is still active.

Food safety

Improving food safety is a high priority for the Chinese government due to a strong public focus.

Based herof, the Danish-Chinese partnership on the food safety scope of the SSC project extended in December 2019 to implementation and effective control.

Resource efficiency, food loss and food waste

The SSC project in China on resource efficiency, food loss and food waste matches Denmark’s sustainability and climate political priorities and correspondingly, Denmark’s existing environmental and food initiatives in China on food loss and food waste are prioritized in several of China's new action plans.