Journey Log

A Journey Log is required for journeys that exceed 8 hours, when you transport horses (except horses registered in EU-approved breading associations), cattle, sheep, goats or pigs.

The journey log comprises 5 sections:

Section 1, Planning

Section 2, Place of departure

Section 3, Place of destination

Section 4, Declaration by transporter

Section 5, Specimen anomaly report

 Responsibilities of the different operators


  • Prepare part 1 of the Journey Log
  • Make the Journey Log available for the competent authorities at the latest two working days before the departure of the consignment
  • Ensure that the Journey Log accompanies the animals during the journey

Use Eksportportalen to prepare the Journey Log and make it available for the competent authorities.

Please see Eksportportalen

If the journey requires a rest at a Control Post, there is a list of EU approved Control Posts:

Se the list of EU approved Control Posts.

The keeper at the place of departure:

  •  Complete section 2 and if necessary section 5 of the Journey Log


  • Complete section 4 of the Journey Log. Only if the place of destination is in the EU
  • Keep a copy of the journey log for at least three years
  • Give the journey log to the official Veterinary at the exit point, when animals are transported to third countries.

The transporter referred to in section 3 of the journey log shall keep:

- a copy of the completed journey log

- GPS data and temperature Data

The documents shall be made available for the competent authority that granted the transporters authorisation. The same applies if the authorities at the place of departure request the documents.

Keeper at the place of destination:

  • Complete section 3 and if necessary section 5 of the journey log
  • Keep the journey log. When the place of destination is in an EU member state, the keeper at the place of destination shall keep the journey log (except section 4) at least three years.
  • Present the journey log for the competent authorities upon request