Animal diseases

Diseases in animals are controlled due to concerns about animal welfare, to prevent infections of humans and animals due to food safety and trade interests.

According to EU regulation, Denmark is officially free fro​m a number of diseases. 

Vi​ew the complete list:

List of disease-free areas for specific diseases in Denmark.pdf

Latest n​ew

Denmark f​ree from the cattle disease bovine virus diarrhea (10th of ​August 2022)

Denmark has achieved disease-free status from the cattle disease bovine virus diarrhea (BVD). This happens after many years close collaboration between Danish farmers, the cattle industry, rese​archers and the veterinary authority. 

The EU conditions for recognition of the disease-free status from BVD are fulfilled on the whole territory of Denmark and the new disease-free status was given by the European Commission in July. The new status is beneficial for both animal welfare and exports.

Denmark has a long tradition of eradicating animal diseases. Several other animal diseases as tuberculosis, brucellosis and bluetongue have been eradicated in Denmark due to a close cooperation between industry, authorities, laboratories and researchers – the so called 'Danish model'.​