Import of animals from third countries

If you intend to move animals to Denmark from third countries, the import must comply with the requirements described on this page.

The EU Animal Health Law states the necessary guaranties so animals being imported to the EU does not risk the introduction of transmissible animal diseases. 

Part V of regulation (EU) 2016/429 (Animal Health Law) states some basic animal health requirements for import to the EU.

The animal species listed in implementing regulation (EU) 2018/1882 may only be imported to the EU, if the comply with the basic requirements:

  • Approved third country. The animals must originate from a country that is approved with regards to the relevant animal species and listed in implementing regulation (EU) 2021/404 as an approved country. 
  • Animal health. The animals comply with all the relevant animal health requirements. 
  • Accompanying documents. The animals must be accompanied by an animal health certificate issued by the competent authority of the third country in question, or other declarations or official documents depending on the requirements for the specific consignment. 

There are additional specific animal health requirements for aquatic animals and terrestrial animal, which in particular includes ungulates, birds (poultry and captive birds), bees, dogs, cats and ferrets. The additional animal health requirements are found in Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/692. 

Border Control

Consignments of animals and products, covered by animal health requirements that are being imported from third countries to the EU, must undergo official border controls at an EU approved Border Control Post. The rules on border controls are stated in the regulation on official controls and supplementing regulations.

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