Russian import restrictions

Due to findings of African Swine Fever in two wild boars in Lithuania on 24 January 2014, from 29 January 2014 it is unfortunately not possible to use the existing certificates for export of pork meat and raw meat preparations, pigs for breeding and piglets for fattening to the Russian Federation / Customs Union from all EU-countries.

The existing certificates certify for freedom of African Swine Fever in the territory of the EU in the last 3 years with the exception of Sardinia. Therefore, the certificates do not reflect the new situation in Lithuania and cannot be issued.

The EU Commission and the Russian Federation have negotiated the certificates in 2006, applying to all EU-countries. The Commission is working with the Russian Federation/ Customs Union to find a solution for the certificates, in order to reopen export as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the temporary situation regarding exports from Denmark to the Russian Federation/ Customs Union does not reflect any veterinary risk from animals and their products but only a technical issue of the wording in the certificates.

Denmark has never experienced African Swine Fever, but to exercise the utmost precaution both the authorities and the Danish agricultural industry has increased the awareness with regard to the risk imposed by the detection of the disease in Lithuania.